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Who We Are

In 2019 we started Lenore Coaching LLC because our family and friends kept nudging us for career help. Since we had a background with 10+ years in Education and Workforce Development we figured that our expertise could be used outside of our day jobs. To date, we've partnered with schools, businesses, government agencies, institutions, and nonprofits to help 1000s of people align and maximize their calling with their purpose. Lenore Coaching LLC focuses on equipping today's workforce and tomorrow's workforce!

Gallup Clifton Strengths Certified
SHRM-CP (Society for Human Resource Management)
DEI in the Workplace Certified‍

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Our Services

Our goal is to help people live Purpose Driven Lives in the work they do.

Career Coaching

Educators, Leaders, & Workforce Development Pros

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Resume and Cover Letter

Books, Courses, & Resources

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Classes, Workshops, and Speaking

Youth Programs & Engagement

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Bring us in for a workshop. We can curate content based on the needs of your organization or population.

  • 5 Key Points to the Career Development Cycle
  • Resume Writing 101
  • Pitch Perfect: How to give a greater Elevator Pitch
  • 4 H's for Servant Leadership
  • The Competencies your Personal Brand Needs
  • Essentials for a Successful Job Search


For many organizations, resources are limited, including funds and professional staff. Let us design a program that your team can execute!

  • We provide training to staff who serve clients
  • We create training materials and resources that staff can use as practitioners
  • We are consultants that can assess, design,and implement a solution for your organization

What People Are Saying

Lenore coaching helped me so much with my interviewing skills that I am now more confident in taking interviews and presenting what I have to offer. I learned so much from the one-on-one coaching from Quintrel and the materials they gave to help me get interviews and the follow up after. The work they did with my resume highlighted all my skills and experience and made it be "top of the pile" material for job prospects. I was able to land my dream job and a amazing internship because of the work of Quintrel & Lorayah. They were always so positive and helpful and were really with me every step of the way. When I was feeling down on my career prospects they were always a encouraging light. I'm so happy I didn't give up. Using Lenore coaching you will always get great results.

Brea Gilliam

What People Are Saying

I found Lenore Coaching as a professional and helpful team while seeking help for building my Resume. Lenore Coaching helped me to build a professional and organized resume with the most essential information of my education, experience, and skills-set.

Hamid Safi

What People Are Saying

"As a college graduate I didn't know where to start. I did a good job in college by getting a lot of different types of experiences however I struggled to figure out exactly what I wanted to do after graduation. I spent time doing a lot of career exploration with Lenore Coaching. They helped me identify my skills and connect them to jobs and organizations that aligned with my interests. I got a job teaching overseas which is the perfect opportunity for me to use my gifts and live in a different culture."


What People Are Saying

"My resume was in desperate need of a makeover. My resume was 5 pages! They were able to get it down 2 two without leaving out any of my experience and expertise. The turnaround was less than 24 hours."


What People Are Saying

"Lenore Coaching helped me discover and hone my personal mission and value statement, which I now reference regularly in networking and decision-making -- absolutely invaluable! The coaches are well-researched, experienced, patient servant leaders who know how to help people make career progress. I consider myself truly blessed to know this team and to also know them as my coaches!"

D. Trice

What People Are Saying

"I was in between jobs and Lenore Coaching gave me the knowledge and strategy for the job search that helped me to land a job."

D. Porter

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