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Who we are

We are career development professionals with a combination of 10 years experience working in higher education. We've served on a number of campuses including: JMU, VCU, Cornell, and Shenandoah University. Our background includes: academic advising, diversity recruiting & programming, career coaching, counseling & case management, and employer development. It's these experiences that shape our approach by focusing on helping people connect their purpose within their careers.

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Our goal is to help people live Purpose Driven Lives in the work they do.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching

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Resume and Cover Letter

Resume & Cover Letter

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Classes, Workshops, and Speaking

Classes, Workshops, & Speaking

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Bring us in for a workshop. We can curate content based on the needs of your organization or population.

  • 5 Key Points to the Career Development Cycle
  • Resume Writing 101
  • Pitch Perfect: How to give a greater Elevator Pitch
  • 4 H's for Servant Leadership
  • The Competencies your Personal Brand Needs
  • Essentials for a Successful Job Search


For many organizations, resources are limited, including funds and professional staff. Let us design a program that your team can execute!

  • We provide training to staff who serve clients
  • We create training materials and resources that staff can use as practitioners
  • We are consultants that can assess, design,and implement a solution for your organization

What People Are Saying

Lenore Coaching took the time to assist me with a question about my degree and made it easy to understand. Thank you for your help!

Laura DP

What People Are Saying

I worked with Lenore Coaching for professional feedback on my resume. Quintrel, who worked with me, was attentive to my needs and we even had a call to speak about my career direction and goals. I would recommend using their services.

L. Calafell

What People Are Saying

I had a very dated resume. 25 plus years old with minor modifications along the way. Lenore Coaching completely updated the format and wording to make it relevant allowing me to compete in today’s workforce. They were timely with a 48 hour turnaround and they have followed up for any concerns to see how it is working out. Professional resource. I highly recommend them.

R. Thomas

What People Are Saying

I had my resume reviewed so I could see how to make it better. They did a great job, gave me tons of feedback, made suggestions including examples and they did it in less than 24 hours. I’m very pleased and I feel better prepared

T. Ellis

What People Are Saying

The Lenore Coaching duo was super helpful in helping me find a job. They gave me tools and practices to help me go straight to employers. They were also very vocal and strategic in helping me refine my resume. I was selling myself short, but they made me realize my experience made me a very marketable job candidate. This confidence gave me the desire to hit the job search hard. I wouldn’t have my job I have now without Lenore Coaching! I highly recommend this great team of mentors !

T. Thomas

What People Are Saying

Lenore Coaching reviewed my resume within a day! Although I am not currently job searching, I know I have a foundation set for my resume when the time comes to apply for a job that I want, AND I will be ready. I was blessed by their positive energy, and had an overall amazing experience. 5-star service!

C. Kyles

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