Programs for Youth & Young Adults

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Programs for Youth & Young Adults

Career Readiness & Workforce Development

Comprehensive synchronous and asynchronous program that engages youth, young adults, & folks in transition through career readiness. The goal is to equip participants with the tools and strategies to transition into the workforce.

About the Momentum Program

Hip Hop
Literacy Program

Literacy provides a foundation for academic and interpersonal success. This program engages youth and young adults using Hip Hop to teach literacy skills. We help young people tap into their creative skills to cultivate their inner voice and imagination while helping them to develop their literacy skills.

About the Hip Hop Literacy Program

Hip Hop
Creative Lab

Contact us today if your organization is looking to engage and develop its workforce. We create training solutions related to DEIB, Leadership, Career Readiness, Communication, Teamwork and more.

About the Hip Hop Creative Lab

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