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Session Details

Resume & Cover Letter Reviews

  • Turn around time is between 24 - 48 hours after each review
  • Resume Reviews include detailed feedback for changes that we suggest which pertain to the content within the resume
  • We re-write content for specific sections within the resume as a teachable example for you to use for other areas. However Resume Reviews do not include comprehensive re-writing of resume or reformatting

What to expect?

  • Expect to receive a word document with multiple comment sections filled with detailed feedback on revisions that you should make to your original document
  • There will be written examples of what to change (including sections, wording, titles etc)
  • We will not re-write your entire resume. We will re-write certain sections as an example for you to use

Resume & Cover Letter Writing

  • We will write content based on the specific job description, your questionnaire, and your direct feedback
  • We will curate content from scratch
  • We provide you coaching so that you can gain the skills needed to enhance your writing abilities
  • We provide customized templates and our comprehensive resume writing guide
  • We provide up to 3 revisions
  • Please allow for 24 hours for each subsequent revision.

What to expect?

  • Expect to see significant changes to formatting, wording, phrases, titles etc based on the job description and your questionnaire
  • You will provide the vision and the voice of the content, we provide the technical writing curation, strategy and coaching

Let Us Help You With Your Resume!

We can start from scratch or build off content you've written.

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